Our Products


Kiyamas supplies a complete range of specialty chemicals for the PCB industry. Our core products include chemical for etching, PTH, electro-plating, pretreatment for MLB, surface finishing, super roughness micro-etching, aqueous photo-resist developer concentrate and other processes.


Product code: Description

PCE-29: Acidic etching oxidant


KYC-PC555: Tin stripper

PTH – Plating

Product Code: Description

KYC-CD 135: Conditioner


KYC-PD 145: Pre-dip agent (powder)


KYC-PD 145B: Pre-dip agent (liquid)


KYC-AT 146 (BK): Activator


KYC-AC 148A: Accelerator (powder)


KYC-AC 148B: Accelerator (liquid)


KYC-CU 150A (BK): Electroless copper liquid – Thin copper system


KYC-CU 150B (BK): Electroless copper liquid – Thin copper system


KYC-CU 150M (BK): Electroless copper liquid – Thin copper system

Aqueous Photoresist Developer Concentrate

Product Code: Description

KYC-DP-CLA: Photoresist developer tanker cleaner


KYC-100H: LSM developing additive

Pretreatment for MLB

Product: Description

KYC-SW 200 A (BK): Swelling agent


KYC-NE 300 A: Neutralizer


Product Code: Description

KYC-612: Acid cleaner


KYC-M8404BK X 5: Acid cleaner


KYC-833 MIC: Micro-etching powder


KYC-CSS: Copper sulfate solution


KYC-CU8603BK(A): Electrolytic copper brightener


KYC-CU8603BK(M): Electrolytic copper make up agent


KYC-CU8603BK(S): Electrolytic copper stabilizer


KYC-SN8601BK(A): Electrolytic tin brightener


KYC-SN8601BK(S): Electrolytic tin stabilizer

Surface Finishing

Product Code: Description

KYC-KG 535: Electroless nickel


KYC-KG 545: Electroless gold


KYC-SF 9016D: Flux for HASL


KYC-676: Acid cleaner


KYC-831: Micro-etching


KYC-M2608 (BK): OSP

Other Special Process

Product Code: Description

KYC-888: Deformer


KYC-13: Marfmatic remover


KYC-antioxidants: Anti tarnish


KYC-FN: Ferric nitrate


KYC-BTA: Benzotriazole


KYC-200H: Dry film developing additive